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(My friend) Shannon mentioned again that she gets scared when she reads the Bible, which I understand. But very gradually I have been realizing that you do have to read some of the promises and the good news deliberately, otherwise you could get dragged down by the parts that are bad news. Like the part about Judas, and Psalm 109.

I used to have the same problem, the Bible is just full of scary stuff and coming from a falsely religious background, I would get sort of anxiety attacks when reading unpleasant passages and it made me think that God was accusing me. But He has not given us a spirit of fear. And

I am watching the rest of this now:

Streamed live on Aug 10, 2017

We hope you will enjoy the interesting information from the mind of God and through the hand of the Apostle Paul. May the Lord bless you as you pursue His superior word!


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Ry Jax
My wife and kids have been gone (left me) for thirteen months, no divorce. I miss them so terribly, but if they don't want a Christian husband and father to be the head of the family then I shall praise God anyway. Please pray for the reconciliation of my family !

US CGmom
Oh Ryan! I am so sorry, little brother. We will all be praying about this and all of you, dear brother. Hugging you from here, Nance and John
$15.000 with a lease and promise to stay ? sounds like the landlord should have to pay back some of the investment to the building or the church can gut it when they leave good luck finding a judge that would rule in the church's favor
Always so well taught, thanks Charlie.

Kathleen Browne
Thank you, Charlie!
Dash Riprock
Pastor Charlie, please check your faith street e-mail, I've placed a prayer request😊Thank you!
Kathy Reynolds
Always nice tuning in on your teachings. Thank you for sharing them. Can you answer me why were the five virgins left behind if once saved always saved is true?
I don't think the parable says they were saved, it just talks about a wedding. Amir Tsarfati (and many others) say that only half the bridesmaids had ENOUGH oil, they all had SOME. Oil is usually thought to be the anointing of the Holy Spirit. King Saul of Israel was anointed, but he became mentally ill because he kept going downhill and not really living up to the promise of the anointing, he kept sinning. God kept sending an evil spirit to him, or allowed it, in order to purify him. In my opinion it could be true that once saved we are always saved from the lake of fire, Gehenna. But Jesus mentions the outer darkness for hypocrites, the lazy servant who was neither hot nor cold but lukewarm, was double-minded, he did not repent. No fire mentioned for the outer darkness, just weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth. BUT once we are saved from the lake of fire, we have opportunities to do things for our brothers and sisters, and Jesus tells us to keep working out our salvation. So I don't necessarily agree with Charlie about once saved always saved. But I want to believe that If we keep obeying Jesus's words and keep praying for the Holy Spirit and ENOUGH of Him, we will be welcomed into Heaven when our time comes. Sorry for long answer, this has been on my mind a lot over the years.
My answer was really depressing so I removed it.
Nance Schmance
Thank you, brother Charlie. I was late because stood on freeway overpass with many others to salute young Marine in funeral escort from SFO from VA. So listening now. Our family is growing, Bro! over 7900! whoop whoop! God bless you all - nance
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Taking a break from Charlie Garrett's Bible Study, of Romans 4:24-5:2, Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know where I am with God. Come to think of it, Pam says, she is still not wearing her big girl pants where God is concerned. She says she is still in "didies".

I just do not witness, I try to be friendly [or "friends", as I first typed, not meaning to)!] and I try to pay attention. But I feel like I am not prepared, do not know the basics of getting in touch with people--or keeping at peace and keeping the Spirit in me. Maybe it is just inconfidence, and everyone has it. I feel I've had such a divided life and mind. ["mine", I 'm told--like a mine underground, but perhaps also, "Mine" as in belonging to Jesus).

I was lucky, FAVORED, last night, to have regained a friend, to also have made a friend of an enemy last night. Also lucky to be able to give, FAVORED and FORTUNATE! Always the enemy trying to snatch victory, but no, devil, Jesus is in charge and the you are a LOSER.

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The wages of sin is death, the law, the wages of the law

The wages are not counted as grace, but debt.

The law is weak, Leah's eyes. Rachel means Lamb.

Laban means brick--white, bricks turn white when fired, like being made ready for heaven, white clothing.

Lavana--white, Christ's work for us.

Jesus says you didn't do anything to merit heaven, you did nothing, you deserve to go in because of what He did.

IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO GRACE!!!!!! Tradition kills, re the traditions of man.

The Lord's mercy to David was apart from the Law.

Preparation Day=He was crucified on Friday. If He rode the donkey on Saturday, then He broke the Law and He is not the Messiah. In Esther is says women fasted 3 days and 3 nights, then on the 3rd day she went into the King. ALSO see Gal 3:13
Calvinism and that faith is NOT a work as J Calvin would say:

Faith is not a work, it's a choice to trust, not something externally put in by God. If that is predestined, then so are your works. What is the point of evangelisation, we would be robots, accepting Jesus is what we already have. We wouldn't have to accept Jesus, because we're born saved.

Jews almost always want to talk about RIghteousness. Abraham was Righteous before circumcision. (when witnessed to).

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