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Another dime, found one last week after going to Chipotle, felt upset, read the Bible--Isaiah 44:24+--and felt better. When I went outside I found a dime. Last night I found one, had gone to Prosper & Greg's for a Bible study. Found a dime later when shopping(and a penny). I came to the library today & made some copies of the 20 names of God that I printed out.

Just sayin'.

Also, I saw some pennyroyal on the way here, with bees & 2 kinds of butterflies/moths, small ones, yellow and black, so lovely. You almost never see bees around here anymore, or butterflies. There is just so much more building in suburbs and cutting trees down, people moving from the city to what's left of the country. And lots of empty houses closer to town.

But it doesn't matter because this is not my permanent home.
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Very interesting and sounds helpful so far.

Insubmission to the Word of God first, then teaches and leads My bondservants away. It is a greedy spirit. "I gave her time to repent but she didn't want to repent". She thinks she hears from God. Jezebel exhibited hostility, scorn toward those who oppose her. After refusing to repent, she goes crazy. A woman with the Jezebel spirit will control the man, she is not usually the pastor of a church. It ends up with the puddle of blood being licked up, and a new Jezebel rises up to replace. There will be wrongful doctrine, there will be greed, she wants someone else's vineyard, etc.

He knocks the Crouches (& Tammy Faye Bakker) and Joyce Meyer here, no complaints from me on that.

He absolutely underlines the importance of the role of the husband in supporting and loving the wife Biblically. The blame is on the men!

If you have a problem with male authority, (due to abuse usually), you need Jesus to help you.
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'Because of the Fall, men are insensitive to sin. Women are hypersensitive'--this is not a vid on gender politics, mostly, or Christian relationships, but that's about what he said. Seems about right. Always a good talk from Prasch.
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Very interesting. I'm watching JJ Prasch and his comments on archaeology and scripture, contrast and compare. Jericho is the first item on the menu. I remember seeing Zola Levitt talk about this and other Biblical events back in the seventies and/or eighties, on a snowy, tweedy TV connection. He talked about "beit David" on a bit of stone or wall, various fairly newly discovered proofs of the Bible. Also Jericho--and this he said had been disproven. He didn't exactly say it that way, he said an atheist female archaeologist had found there was no proof of the story as told in the Bible. I always wondered if there was evidence, but that she just was not determined to keep the door opened to the truth.

It sounds so far like there is proof that it happened the way the Bible says. I am fairly confident that Levitt probably thought the same way I did. B But it didn't help that this woman was not so great an archaeologist.

I also remember Tom Bombadil at The One Boards saying you couldn't prove that the slaughter of the innocents happened. I said, why would there be proof of this type of thing, Herod would have wanted to keep it quiet. But I have been reading The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, and he says that one...Pilot or one of the Roman officials of the time...Caesar? I'm not sure, Hislop says the comment from this well known person was that that he would "rather be Herod's pig than Herod's child". Because look what Herod did to children.

Here is a site that says Herod was very paranoid and slaughtered a lot of people who got in his way. ++> http://www.biblearchaeology.org/post/2009/12/08/The-Slaughter-of-the-Innocents-Historical-Fact-or-Legendary-Fiction.aspx

I do have to go home and look at The Two Babylons again, but am sure of the quote, that it was from a historically well known Roman source. That quote was evidence that Herod was murderous enough to have committed the murders the Gospel of Matthew accused him of.

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The wages of sin is death, the law, the wages of the law

The wages are not counted as grace, but debt.

The law is weak, Leah's eyes. Rachel means Lamb.

Laban means brick--white, bricks turn white when fired, like being made ready for heaven, white clothing.

Lavana--white, Christ's work for us.

Jesus says you didn't do anything to merit heaven, you did nothing, you deserve to go in because of what He did.

IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO GRACE!!!!!! Tradition kills, re the traditions of man.

The Lord's mercy to David was apart from the Law.

Preparation Day=He was crucified on Friday. If He rode the donkey on Saturday, then He broke the Law and He is not the Messiah. In Esther is says women fasted 3 days and 3 nights, then on the 3rd day she went into the King. ALSO see Gal 3:13
Calvinism and that faith is NOT a work as J Calvin would say:

Faith is not a work, it's a choice to trust, not something externally put in by God. If that is predestined, then so are your works. What is the point of evangelisation, we would be robots, accepting Jesus is what we already have. We wouldn't have to accept Jesus, because we're born saved.

Jews almost always want to talk about RIghteousness. Abraham was Righteous before circumcision. (when witnessed to).

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Eh, either LJ is down, or this computer is messing up. It's just not connecting, really weird.


I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid. I don't know what to do, I am starting to cry at the library. Pastor Billy does keep telling me it's okay, I've got it. I just don't want to worry about it anymore. I don't want to worry about anything anymore.

This lady says you don't worry about your feelings when you're doing it, we act in faith not feelings, we are not led by our minds but by the Holy Spirit.


Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. 1 Cor. 14:1

[edit: 4.11.17: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUHC5bvzkSs Gina Barcourt, speaking in tongues, music, etc.Love this lady!]

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