Sep. 18th, 2017

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Another dime, found one last week after going to Chipotle, felt upset, read the Bible--Isaiah 44:24+--and felt better. When I went outside I found a dime. Last night I found one, had gone to Prosper & Greg's for a Bible study. Found a dime later when shopping(and a penny). I came to the library today & made some copies of the 20 names of God that I printed out.

Just sayin'.

Also, I saw some pennyroyal on the way here, with bees & 2 kinds of butterflies/moths, small ones, yellow and black, so lovely. You almost never see bees around here anymore, or butterflies. There is just so much more building in suburbs and cutting trees down, people moving from the city to what's left of the country. And lots of empty houses closer to town.

But it doesn't matter because this is not my permanent home.

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