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2017-07-20 05:46 pm
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Hebrew learn to write the alphabet

Gotoyadramah  Avram Ben Shalom

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2017-07-20 05:46 pm

No-Yeast Pizza Crust

1/3 cups all-purpose flour [unbleached]

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup fat free milk [almond]

2 Tbsp. olive oil

Mix flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl; stir in milk and olive oil until a soft dough forms. Turn dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead 10 times. Shape dough into a ball. Cover dough with an inverted bowl and let sit for 10 minutes.

Roll dough into a 12-inch circle on a baking sheet.

Bake crust bake in an oven at 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) for 8 minutes. Top crust with your favorite toppings and bake until light golden brown, 15 to 20 minutes.

Tips: For dry dough, add a little more milk. Parchment can be used for easier cleanup/removal from the pan.


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2017-07-11 05:48 pm
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On my way to the store, my friend Nita was on the corner waiting to cross last week (or 2 weeks ago!) right when I was crossing the street, so we stopped and talked. She had been wanting to talk to me. She had a little coin purse with some change in it, said she had found some dimes, spent them and...they were still in the coin purse.

I had my own story about dimes and it has to do with this account, [personal profile] eleventyone . I had been using kindmemory, my LJ account, to blog in since about 2008 or ,09. The recent change in Terms of Service at LJ, and the fact I'd lost touch with what LJ friends I'd had, and the one I had gotten lately had given me some crud because he thought in stereotypes about Christians, made me want to change to another blog place. And I felt like there was on I'd made at LJ a year or so previous, then hardly used, that should be it.

But I'd made this one too, and came here to find out if anyone knew about the LJ ToS change. They did and I realized DW had image hosting, one of the things that made me hang on to LJ longer. Free, of course. And they have more freedom of speech, are MUCH friendlier to English speaking users--the politeness factor toward anyone English speaking at LJ had just plummeted and frozen.

THE DIME FACTOR: I was feeling the change was right, but wondering whether the change to DW was in the right. I felt like it was, started posting here, made a fox news account with RSS feed, brought one of my minor journals from LJ over through the Import Content function, completely reproducing it but for the layout. Okay, feeling really good about it.

Then, I left. I went back to the parking lot & playground/tennis court area by the library, which is where I have to use the computer, not being too moneyed. I did something I had not done for years: I prayed to find money. I walked back a bit, several parking spaces to the back of the lot and ...ELEVEN DIMES, nice shiny ones, all within 2 or 3 feet of each other.

I had found one penny on the way to the library that afternoon, and so that made ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN CENTS, or ELEVENTYONE CENTS, for the day. I prayed for more, thought it was a lucky streak, had forgotten the penny I had already found, and had not yet counted the dimes, just thought enough to search the area pretty thoroughly for more after I found them. I did not find any more, and prayed for more money, but got none. one my way back I passed the spot where I'd found the penny & remembered it, counted the dimes and as I said at the beginning of the paragraph, ELEVEN DIMES AND ONE PENNY or ELEVENTYONE CENTS.

Pretty amazing. She said she had looked around on the internet to see if finding dimes meant something and found it might mean that a recently passed loved one was trying to let you know they were looking after you. There was another meaning that could be, but I can't remember what she said.

I had not had anyone pass on around that time but my mom died at the beginning of June, unexpectedly. Peacefully, but she wasn't sick. We just knew she was frail and that the doctor had said she when she goes it will be quickly. So no recent death in the family (though come to think of it, this was around when my Grandpa died in 1976, kind of young.

I recently was in a discussion where we said emotions are important but they are not everything. Sometimes they can be downright deceptive. And coincidences, maybe we find what we want.

But just now after writing that last paragraph I went another window to think for a moment, maybe close the windows if they weren't necessary and think and pray about this. The first window I went to happened to be of a long prayer with lots of subjects in it, a long narrow entry I'd run through and stopped at a random spot. I was going to close it but the first sentence of it was this:


Nita had been having problems with the family and others, the kind we all have sooner or later, if not all the time!!! So I'd been praying for her and myself and a bunch of people in this big long private post.

Nita had been saying lately that she knew God was helping her because her extremely bothersome neighbors, who she'd been praying for, continued to bother her, were getting prosecuted for various things like having mold and lead in the apartment, or something like that. they had been using up water by doing all kinds of other people's laundry in the apartment's machines, and then the landlady tried to charge Nita for the extra. Landlady is not from this country, was afraid to go against the bothersome neighbors, so just tried to make Nita pay the extra utilities instead of bothering with eviction processes. The other thing the neighbors did was have a bunch of people living there who were not listed in the lease, which is an not good, and they were NOISY. So she was saying the fact they were suddenly having these troubles was because God was taking her side and answering her prayer. Which is just what I was thinking and had read that in the last couple weeks in the Psalms.

PS 41: 11I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me.

That is what I had just read in the last week. I was thinking, is it really that simple, it's almost childish or selfish to think that. But God listens to prayer and sees when we are trying our best to let Him run our lives, instead of trying to do it all ourselves.

I think this is not the first time God has defended Nita.

Anyway, I said I'd write the story, then got distracted, I have so much STUFF going on in my head. So there it is the DIME story. I don't know which one is more impressive, finding exactly 111¢, or spending money then finding it still in your wallet. Both very unlikely. I think the replication of money would have to be it, as it is impossible, the 111¢ is very unlikely but still physically possible, even at that extremely unlikely day.

NOTE: there was one person online who said he/she had a continuing amazing dime-finding experience, and said they now considered dimes to be a hug from God. Works for me.
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2017-07-08 03:35 pm

Do Moondoggies have Luna Ticks?

I just commented on a post at Livejournal with my old username, afufle. I haven't used the account in forever. I am thinking of moving it over here, DW has  has that great  Import Content thing, I did it with a sort of junk journal, [personal profile] thefufle , and it worked like greased lightning. I just don't want the stuff to get deleted, would like to be able to look back.

Anyway, I'd switched to kindmemory over there, might import that one too.

I was so depressed--angry on the way to the library, till I started watching the clouds, they are magnificent today. There was a tornado warning yesterday, we had decent sized limb get knocked out of our sycamore tree, plus a lot of previously dead wood. The dead wood going is nice. The live limb was maybe 8 feet long, had lots of leaves on it.

I think the clouds are so nice because of the bad weather. They are usually stranger than they are now, just all kinds, cirrus, cumulus and various other. Today they are just cumulous but... I can't describe them, wish I had a camera.

(before I left the house to come to the library) I accidentally knocked a little tray off my dresser with some things my sis gave me, some jewelry items. One broke. I can put it back together but it will never be the same. I am just glad she thought of me, it was a little blue dog that had spots and stripes on it. She is allergic to dogs and we haven't had one in years, but that is the second one she gave me that had a dog in it. The other was a scrimshaw-style piece that has a dog staring at the moon. I don't wear jewelry often, which sort of irks me, but I was really ticked off at that, and wonder why it had to happen.
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2017-06-15 05:52 pm

drawings Celtic Warrior

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2017-06-10 03:02 pm

(no subject)

Michelle was one of the friends who came to the visitation, funeral (Mom's). We watched a movie on Fri afternoon after the funeral, Joseph, (I think)  with Ben Kingsley (as Potiphar), who is the best actor in the film of course. Also whoever played Jacob the Patriarch was good. It was pretty faithful to the book.

She & one of my other friends want the cauliflower salad recipe of Mom's, it's really good, so I'll probably post it here too, great party munchie. But I'm tired after making a big post earlier and probably won't be back at library till next week.

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2017-06-10 01:31 pm
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Mom died on Sunday, probably Sat/Sun overnight. She was a week shy of 83.

Long entry is LLLOOONNNGGG... )

Lots of guilt for how I treated Mom and also how I let myself be treated, but I was told by one of my friends to not beat myself up. So I've just been fighting it off, kicking the thoughts out, just saying "I forgive". It works.
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2017-06-03 05:02 pm

(no subject)

'Because of the Fall, men are insensitive to sin. Women are hypersensitive'--this is not a vid on gender politics, mostly, or Christian relationships, but that's about what he said. Seems about right. Always a good talk from Prasch.
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2017-06-03 03:01 pm

Edible Ohio Weeds

Creeping charlie, plaintain and Violet leaves are EDIBLE? Knock me over with a feather. I am so proud of being able to get plaintain out of our yard and cracks in the driveway. And creeping charlie!!?!!!??????! Whoa. I have no money right now (as usual) and this is good news. I have been eating redbud leaves, and just looked them up and now I'm not sure I believed the right person. I usually look up stuff like that online, but ..trust. Deer eat them, now that I've looked it up, and no one is saying they are poisonous.

Well, I've been eating them for a few weeks and I do have a cold, but I think that was there before I ate redbuds.

Edible Ohio Weeds

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2017-05-31 04:41 pm

(no subject)

Heh, I created an rss feed, been wanting news on my reading page. And made a button for it: Though, I think that's too small now I look at it. Or that it's how it's done. But oh well.   [edit:  here, ,   now at least I can hover the mouse over it easier].

Listening to Jacob Prasch. Allah is the name of a moon god and not just the word, "God", not the same as Jehovah/Yaweh. Among other things. (Five Questions if you're a Muslim)

I found a recording of the Hee Haw gang singing "Power in the Blood". Well, at least one of those women had the plungingest neckline. That's about what I expect from the Hee Haw gang, it's just a nice song to them. Well, it is a sweet version.

Another graphic for the day:

& watching Tiny House stuff too, today. Paris min-apartment, not finished watching it, but I like it.

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2017-05-25 06:16 pm

(no subject)

A journal cover, I make millions of them but only get to print out a few a year:

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2017-05-25 03:50 pm
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(no subject)

I don't much like talking about this, but we had an exterminator visit today for bedbugs. This city is the BB capitol of the world, so I guess the likelihood of getting them was pretty hi. They came a few weeks ago and heated up the house, it was incredibly hot when we came back in later in the day. It got a lot but not all of them. What a waste of money. I asked the guy to spray my bed frame because the other day I felt itchy bites on my legs.

I don't like the poison, but if I'm careful, it'll be okay.


Trump calls terrorists "losers", Ben Shapiro agrees with that term, "terrorists feed off the idea that the West fears them", but we fear what they will do. James Jacob Prasch: "Islam was spread by violence." And much more:

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2017-05-24 01:12 pm

(no subject)

Taking a break from Charlie Garrett's Bible Study, of Romans 4:24-5:2, Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know where I am with God. Come to think of it, Pam says, she is still not wearing her big girl pants where God is concerned. She says she is still in "didies".

I just do not witness, I try to be friendly [or "friends", as I first typed, not meaning to)!] and I try to pay attention. But I feel like I am not prepared, do not know the basics of getting in touch with people--or keeping at peace and keeping the Spirit in me. Maybe it is just inconfidence, and everyone has it. I feel I've had such a divided life and mind. ["mine", I 'm told--like a mine underground, but perhaps also, "Mine" as in belonging to Jesus).

I was lucky, FAVORED, last night, to have regained a friend, to also have made a friend of an enemy last night. Also lucky to be able to give, FAVORED and FORTUNATE! Always the enemy trying to snatch victory, but no, devil, Jesus is in charge and the you are a LOSER.

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2017-05-20 05:08 pm

(no subject)

I have been looking at tiny houses, and lately found this one with Brad Kittel, who I guess is the owner of Tiny Texas Houses. He's really passionate about using salvaged materials and does not like modern (shoddy) building materials and building codes that require argon filled sandwich windows which no longer work after 12 years, the argon leaks out. The windows with 4 inches of space between the storm window and inside window are better. That is the traditional window (in the US).

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2017-05-20 04:02 pm
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Galatians 5:22-23 The fruit of the Spirit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
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2017-05-11 01:27 pm
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The more you act on what he's revealed and shown you, the more he will reveal and show you.

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2017-05-11 12:23 pm

JD FARAG: May 7 Prophecy Updated

From the video comments:  "We pray as a family for it (rapture) every night before bed and that we would wake up in the presence of Jesus. How awesome would that be. We can hardly stand it. I personally believe it (rapture) is going to happen soon. Like real soon."

El Shaddai: short form is Shin, Jerusalem the city God put His name on.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego saved from harm by the furnace, they are a type of Israel. Daniel is a type of the Church, is not present in the furnace, having been taken up to a high place before the others were thrown in, taken up to a high place in the king's administration(?).

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2017-05-08 04:53 pm

(no subject)

I found a site or seven that has info about oil pulling, the practice of using coconut oil to get plaque and even tartar off of teeth. I've not done it very often, it is pretty gross and you have to spit out the stuff somewhere.

They say just do it for 5 minutes the first time. I did. Not in love with it, but it's affordable dental care, just taking it slow!