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I just commented on a post at Livejournal with my old username, afufle. I haven't used the account in forever. I am thinking of moving it over here, DW has  has that great  Import Content thing, I did it with a sort of junk journal, [personal profile] thefufle , and it worked like greased lightning. I just don't want the stuff to get deleted, would like to be able to look back.

Anyway, I'd switched to kindmemory over there, might import that one too.

I was so depressed--angry on the way to the library, till I started watching the clouds, they are magnificent today. There was a tornado warning yesterday, we had decent sized limb get knocked out of our sycamore tree, plus a lot of previously dead wood. The dead wood going is nice. The live limb was maybe 8 feet long, had lots of leaves on it.

I think the clouds are so nice because of the bad weather. They are usually stranger than they are now, just all kinds, cirrus, cumulus and various other. Today they are just cumulous but... I can't describe them, wish I had a camera.

(before I left the house to come to the library) I accidentally knocked a little tray off my dresser with some things my sis gave me, some jewelry items. One broke. I can put it back together but it will never be the same. I am just glad she thought of me, it was a little blue dog that had spots and stripes on it. She is allergic to dogs and we haven't had one in years, but that is the second one she gave me that had a dog in it. The other was a scrimshaw-style piece that has a dog staring at the moon. I don't wear jewelry often, which sort of irks me, but I was really ticked off at that, and wonder why it had to happen.

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