Jun. 10th, 2017

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Mom died on Sunday, probably Sat/Sun overnight. She was a week shy of 83.

Long entry is LLLOOONNNGGG... )

Lots of guilt for how I treated Mom and also how I let myself be treated, but I was told by one of my friends to not beat myself up. So I've just been fighting it off, kicking the thoughts out, just saying "I forgive". It works.
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Michelle was one of the friends who came to the visitation, funeral (Mom's). We watched a movie on Fri afternoon after the funeral, Joseph, (I think)  with Ben Kingsley (as Potiphar), who is the best actor in the film of course. Also whoever played Jacob the Patriarch was good. It was pretty faithful to the book.

She & one of my other friends want the cauliflower salad recipe of Mom's, it's really good, so I'll probably post it here too, great party munchie. But I'm tired after making a big post earlier and probably won't be back at library till next week.

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