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Heh, I created an rss feed, been wanting news on my reading page. And made a button for it: Though, I think that's too small now I look at it. Or that it's how it's done. But oh well.   [edit:  here, ,   now at least I can hover the mouse over it easier].

Listening to Jacob Prasch. Allah is the name of a moon god and not just the word, "God", not the same as Jehovah/Yaweh. Among other things. (Five Questions if you're a Muslim)

I found a recording of the Hee Haw gang singing "Power in the Blood". Well, at least one of those women had the plungingest neckline. That's about what I expect from the Hee Haw gang, it's just a nice song to them. Well, it is a sweet version.

Another graphic for the day:

& watching Tiny House stuff too, today. Paris min-apartment, not finished watching it, but I like it.

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